Blog Roll

Here’s a list of a few blogs that I like to visit for my professional reading:

ALIA Sydney : A good way of keeping up with the library world in        general.

Children’s Books Daily :An Australian based teacher librarian who’s blog I love to read as it gives me so many ideas.

The Daring Librarian :A great school librarian working in the Unites States who shares her ideas via her blog and website

Free Technology 4 Teachers : The blog of an American educator with a passion for technology and what it can do to help with teaching and learning.

Read Plus :An Australian youth books reviewing blog. Pat Pledger is the editor of this blog.

Shannon McClintock Miller :An inspirational, practical United States school librarian. I had the pleasure of attending a one day seminar that Shannon ran in Canberra during 2015.

Teen Librarian :A UK based librarian, originally from South Africa, who shares his passion for teens and libraries via his blog. I have to admit that I had the pleasure of working on the Youth Libraries Group (London) committee of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in the UK with Matthew.

Here’s a list of fellow QUT student’s blogs that I enjoy reading:

And I Feel Fine : A blog that I love to read as it seems to have a quirky element, just like my own.

Curriculum Texts :A Brisbane based teacher librarian.

Freaks Geeks and Peeps :A thought provoking blog.

Skipping Along the Information Pathway : A good blog for reminding me of the theory behind my own musings

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